Department of Fisheries and Marine Research

Website Department of Fisheries and Marine Research:

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research is responsible for the development of the Cypriot fishing. Tha various programs implemented by the department are aiming at the sustainable management of fishery resources of Cyprus, the development of aquaculture and fisheries in international waters, the prevention, control and combat of marine pollution, the construction and management of shelters and the modernisation of the legislation.

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research has a wide range of activities including:

  • Research Programs for the calculation of the fish stocks and rational management of fishery resources.
  • Fisheries development through various programs, loans, subsidies, insurance of fishing vessels, personnel training etc.
  • Modernization of fishing technology, through programs of technical guidance and assistance to fishermen, fishing education, introduction of new fishing methods, etc.
  • Development of fisheries in international areas through various projects.
  • Research for further development of aquaculture (in the sea mainly), through various research programs.
  • Management of fish stocks of dams for leisure fishing purposes.
  • Construction, maintenance and management of fishing shelters and fishing ports.
  • Monitoring, prevention, control and combat of marine pollution.
  • Marine biological and ecological research on conservation and protection of marine ecosystems and endangered species.
  • Implementation of legislation on fisheries, aquaculture and fishing shelters.
  • Licensing for professional and amature fishing at sea and in the dams.
  • Licensing for the establishment/operation of fish farms.
  • Management of the Cyprus Register of fishing vessels in accordance with EU regulations.