Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture website: here

The basic mission of the Department of Agriculture is to develop the agricultural-sector through training and guidance for farmers, planning and implementation of development programs.

Current programs are aiming not only to increase production, but also to achieve better quality and competitiveness of agricultural-products in local and international markets, and better use of available resources and production factors. Additionally, the department as apart of it’s mission, offers specific information, education and training programms for farmers on the latest technological developments in farming and on issues regarding the harmonization of Cypriot agriculture with the European acquis.

In the above context, the Department of Agriculture has prepared and is implementing the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, an ambitious project, which is precisely to revitalize the rural economy and ensuring the short and long-term future of the countryside.

Through the implementation of the Measures of the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, promoted the expansion and improvement of production, modernization of units and the creation of sustainable farms with more modern pursuits, such as improving the quality and food safety, the protection of the environment and landscape and the quality of life in rural areas.