Agricultural Research Institute

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The Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) conducts feasibility and theoretical research aimed at the rational increase of agricultural and livestock production and upgrading of product quality. Directions in which research is directed at the Institute are: Arboriculture – Viticulture, Plant Breeding, Horticulture – Floriculture, Plant Protection, Soil – Water Use and Environment, Animal Production, Rural Development and Agrobiotechnology.

The ARI has a Central Laboratory, a library, other well-equipped special laboratories, greenhouses and cold storage chambers, vegetable germplasm bank and herbarium. In its experimental mansion in Athalassa, ARI keeps its animal units and conducts the work in plant breeding. There are also experimental stations in Acheleia and Zygi for citrus, subtropical plants and vegetables, Saitta for deciduous trees and Xylotymbou and Polis for cereals. Also, experiments conducted in the fields of producers in various regions.

The research papers are published in world known journals. Research work is also available to the public through the library website ( covering the period 1967-2007.

The Institute cooperates with UN agencies dealing with agriculture (FAO, IAEA), other international organizations (IPGRI, ICARDA, ICRISAT, AARINENA, CIARD), the EU, and with research and academic institutions in Cyprus and other countries under bilateral agreements. The Agricultural Research Institute has created a blog, through which presents the work in place and most importantly, facilitates the direct exchange of information and information between ARI and social partners, on developments in agriculture and agricultural research. The blog can be found in the website