Geological Survey Department

Geological Survey Department Website:

The Geological Survey Department is the technical advisor to the State for all geological matters. In particular, it is the governmental agency responsible for conducting investigations and studies, and providing advice on geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical, geology, geophysical, seismological and geo-environmental issues.

Based on it’s mission, as well as the need to serve the society and its institutional obligations of Cyprus as a member of the European Union, the main activities and responsibilities of the Department are:
A detailed geological map of Cyprus and, generally, the study of geological structure and this structure of the wider geographical area.
The search, detection, control of quantitative and qualitative adequacy and contribution to sustainable development of mineral resources in balance with the natural environment.
The research, design, development, monitoring and protection of groundwater resources, as well as coverage of water needs with underground water.
The study of soil pollution and contributing to the definition, management and rehabilitation of contaminated areas.
The provision of geological services necessary for the safe construction of development projects of the State.The studies on the protection of the natural and built environment of geo-hazards (earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, etc.).
The registration, evaluation and study of seismic activity in Cyprus and the marine area, which surrounds it, and the assessment of seismic danger.
Developing partnerships with other research institutions in Cyprus and abroad in mainly European Programs.
To disseminate the knowledge of the Department of wealth in society publications, publications, scientific events and other related activities.

The Department is staffed with scientists and engineers, supported by specialized laboratories, geophysical equipment and drilling crews. It also has a seismological network, a network of accelerographs and a network for automatic monitoring of groundwater. At the same time, the department utilizes the potential offered by modern technology, especially in the areas of computerization and use of specialized software.