Department of Forests

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The basic mission of the Department of Forests is the sustainable management and protection of state forests and other forest areas of Cyprus owned by the state. The island state forests occupy an area of ​​157788 hectares, or 17.06% of its territory. In addition, the Forestry Department is taking steps to protect private forest lands, covering an area of ​​228930 hectares or 24.7% rate in Cyprus.

The Forestry Department is responsible for implementing the Forests Policy and Forest Law.

The Forest Law includes all those provisions that regulate the relationship of the citizen to the forest, and activities relating to the lighting of fires in state forests and in a distance of 2 kilometers from fosrests outskirts.

The Forest Policy of the Department is adapted to modern trends and perceptions of society, with emphasis on the environmental approach and the key role and contribution played by the Cypriot forests in economic and social development of the site.

The second major goal of the Department is to protect the forests of Cyprus and the Cypriot countryside in generall, from fires and other threats.

Besides the above, the Forestry Department provides services and advice to citizens on issues of it’s competence. It also provides an opportunity for citizens and organized groups to participate in projects of development and protection of private forests. Finally, it offers various goods and services related to forests, according to a specific price list.