Animal Health and Welfare

Veterinary Services Website:

The Veterinary Services are responsible both for the control of food of animal origin and the control of animal diseases. The department is divided into central and provincial levels. At the central level operate a) the Animal Health and Welfare Sector, b) the Veterinary and Public Health Sector, c) the Veterinary Laboratories Division, d) the Veterinary Medicinal Products Division, e) the European and International Affairs Division, f) the Public Procurement Division and g) the Publicity, Education and Enlightenmet Division.

At provincial level there are five district veterinary offices and five regional veterinary stations.

The basic aim of the Veterinary Services is a) the reduction and eradication of animal diseases that exist in Cyprus b) the prevention of the entry of other diseases in the country and c) the protection of public health through the control of all food of animal origin and zoonoses.