The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment aims at promoting sustainable development for agriculture and fishing, while contributing to environmental protection and sustainable management of both the environment and Cyprus natural resources through projects, initiatives and actions.

The Ministry’s vision is a sustainable, “green” and “clean” Cyprus, which develops along the principles of sustainable development in agriculture and fishing, protects the environmental and manages natural resources effectively, while creating employment opportunities and enhancing the citizens’ quality of life.

The Forest Department, which is now part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, is one of the oldest governmental departments formed by the British Colonial Government in Cyprus. The Department was launched in 1879, a year after the beginning of the British colonial era on the island.

Several other services were added in the domain of the “Chief Forester of Cyprus”, such as the Department of Agriculture, which was founded in 1896. Its first Director was Panagiotis Gennadios, a renowned Greek agriculturist who was called in by the British Colonial Government because of his extensive experience and knowledge in the field.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources was founded in 1960, when Cyprus became independent. The first Minister was Turkish-Cypriot judge F. Ploumer and the first Deputy Minister was A. Azinas, members of the Interim Committee which formed the Council of Ministers from 1959 until the country’s independence in 1960.

In 1993 the Ministry was renamed Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment and in 2015 it was named Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

The Ministry consists of ten Departments and Services.